The new version of Android, 4.1 aka Jelly Bean, has started rolling out to Galaxy Nexus devices right now. So you could well get using features like Google Now and the amazing new Voice Search today.

Speaking of which, check out this awesome new video showing off 20 things you can do with Voice Search.

“The rollout of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, begins today, starting with Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ devices,” reads the blog post by Google. So hit the update button and see if your Galaxy Nexus is ready for the big time.

Other devices to get an over the air update to Jelly Bean include the Nexus S, and Motorola Xoom. The Nexus 7 tablet will come toting Jelly Bean straight out of the box when it goes on sale later this month.

Jelly Bean brings new features like Google Now, the big G’s personal assistant that makes Siri look like Kato in The Pink Panther in comparison. Google Now is more like Alfred from Batman: it sees where you are, and provides you with information relevant to your situation, so if you’re on the way to work, it’ll look at the traffic and find you the best route. Get to a bus stop, and it’ll tell you when the next bus is due. Now that’s service.

Google Voice Search has also been redesigned from the ground up. Not convinced? Here are 20 things it can do. Check out how fast it is!

If you’re lucky enough to get Jelly Bean today, let us know how you get on.

Source: Google

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