Got a plot to take over the world? Don’t we all… Thing is, you need the machinery to do it with. If you can’t quite get the funds together to build yourself a secret volcano rocket base, you’d better start small: how about a menacing-looking robotic arm to do your bidding?

The Cardboard Robot is a new project on Kickstarter that aims to give people the kind of robotic assistant that’s normally found in labs, and normally costs hundreds of thousands to make. Only difference is, it’s made of cardboard. And it’s far, far cheaper.

Designed by Engineer Ken Ihara, the six-foot arm needs $10,000 to get off the ground, and will provide backers with a means to pick up socks or act as a computer-controlled cameraman.

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The two attachments – a camera holder and claw – along with the arm itself, are fully programmable on your computer via USB. Just a warning: its cardboard build means that the robotic arm can only handle a weight of 325 grams – roughly the weight of a stuffed toy. Or a small amount of weapons-grade plutonium.

Price to you? If you just want one of the arms with one of the attachments, that’ll be a $175 (£112) backing. If you want both, it’ll be $225 (£144), although you’ll have to add $65 (£41) for delivery to the UK.

Want to get your dastardly robotic plots underway? Head to the Kickstarter page now and get backing.

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