The Google Nexus 7 tablet is landing later this month. It represents the best in Android for an insanely low price, but will a serious lack of content affect its success on these shores?

Before we go any further, let us say this: the Nexus 7 is a fine looking machine. On paper it’s got it all where it counts, plus a bit more when you consider that it’s all squished in to a 7-inch frame. The 1.3GHZ Tegra 3 processor, 10 hour battery life and HD display are all premium product specs, but it’s selling for just £159.

But there’s a problem. Google’s launch event made it clear that the Nexus 7 is about devouring content from the Play Store, and to that end Google’s done deals with movie studios, TV networks, record labels and magazine publishers to stuff it full of boredom-sappers… In the US, at least.

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Over here it’s a different story. Speaking to the Inquirer, a Google spokesperson has revealed that “The UK version will feature all of the options currently available in the UK Play store,” but nothing new. That means that The Nexus 7 won’t be able to access any of Google’s music, TV shows or magazines.

That’s a bit of a kick in the nuts, especially given the fact that the storage options on board are just 8 and 16GB; Google wants the Nexus 7 to be a cloud-based device that feeds you content only when you need it. If those options are limited, it’s going to fill up pretty quickly when you try to get your content from elsewhere.

Suddenly that £159 seems a bit less value-tastic. The worst thing? The fact that Google’s had a while to get Google Music to the UK and hasn’t yet managed, says to us that it’s in no hurry.

  • ed

    IMO google (and apple) have been leaning more and more to focusing on US only content for some time. whether this is because it’s their biggest single market or because they have a larger presence there i don’t know but they really need to remember there is a larger world out there.

  • noname

    Hardly the fault of big Google, the content on these services are licensed for the States. This is mainly due to the asshole entertainment industry which has a strangle hold on their media and still making it as hard as possible for the international consumer to enjoy.

    I would be pointless for Google to offer these services without good content, don’t forget how long it took for spotify to go stateside

    • Stephen

      If rotten apple has music in the uk, why can’t google sort it out, how much longer do we have to wait.

  • rockvj

    Although I agree with the above, I’ve still bought the £199 16GB model. I’ve got Spotify Premium which should cover my music, although I still feel that magazines would be much appreciated.

    • stephen

      There is always zinio and pocketmags apps for magazines.

  • Console Prices

    I’m not sure the lack of content will put many people off. I’d like to see a 10″ version next.

  • Rit Man

    stop whining, i get anything i want, dont care if some corporate giants support it, i support ME and do it well. watching a brand new tv season premier as i type, the same week it aired back home, unlike the 2 season lag Skye has. and they cock block just like north american companies do

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