RIM’s 2013 roadmap has leaked, and among the 4G PlayBook and BB10 handsets we were expecting is a 10-inch tablet named the Blackforest.

It looks like a larger PlayBook. Is that what RIM needs to cure its current woes?

RIM’s roadmap for 2013 shows where the company’s planning on going. And no, it’s not downhill all the way. Very funny.

It looks like the first BB10 devices will be with us in early 2013, as predicted, and the 4G PlayBook that’s leaked a few times will go on sale near the end of this year. But what’s this among the worst kept secrets in tech? A 10-inch tablet. Is RIM looking to take on the iPad?

The PlayBook didn’t fare too well, having shipped without native email and a minuscule app catalogue, and has since been ravaged by price cuts and the onslaught of more impressive tablets.

Would a 10-inch version have a better chance of success than the 7-incher? The Blackforest tablet should ship between July and September next year, if everything goes to plan. The number 128 is also right beside the Blackforest, hinting it could some with 128GB storage.

That would double the capacity of the biggest iPad you can buy, so would certainly be a strong selling point. Providing Apple doesn’t launch a higher capacity iPad before next summer, that is.

Tablet aside, the BlackBerry London/Nevada handset we’ve spied in the wild should launch early next year, followed by the Nashville around April time. There are no more details on these devices as yet, though.

Do these look enough to turn around RIM’s fortunes? Let us know what you think.

Source: BlackBerryOS.com

  • http://twitter.com/moistcottonball Gee Bee

    With at least 2 more financial quarters to go until we see these new releases, and with the losses (revenue and employees) they have had recently, will RIM still be around to deliver these products? Their share of the mobile market is dwindling and I have serious doubts they will survive.
    This is what happens when you rest on your laurels and are slow to react to market changes.

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