Sony has unveiled a new HD wearable video camera for sports filming, and judging from this first look, GoPro should be worried.

Sony’s HD action cam resembles one of its flash memory ‘corders, so should fit snug alongside your goggles strap for point-of-view videos. Or it can sit atop your helmet, if you don’t mind looking a bit like a a robot.

Details are pretty scarce, but we know the camera packs Sony’s Steadyshot image stabilisation tech, which should come in handy when bombing downslope. The Exmor R CMOS image sensor will help in lowlight conditions, and the ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss Tessar lens should make for some great landscape shots when up high.

Ruggedised and waterproof housings will also be available as extras. It’s wearing one of them in the pictures, though there’s no word on which.

There are also no details on a price or release date, but stay tuned and we’ll bring you more as it happens.

Source: Sony

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