Uh oh. As if Microsoft hasn’t annoyed its partners enough by launching a rival to their Windows 8 tablets, now comes word it went ahead after seeing their designs. Talk about rubbing your face in it.

Microsoft seems to be ruffling a few feathers with its Windows 8-powered Surface tablets. A top bod at Acer has already gone on record saying he thinks the Surface will fail in its fight with Apple (no bad blood there then), and now comes word that Microsoft went ahead with the device after seeing its partners’ offerings.

“Microsoft looked at what the [PC makers] were doing, seeing if it could meet their Windows 8 needs and then took action based on that,” Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights & Strategy said in an interview. Moorhead has spoken to senior executives at various PC makers, though he wouldn’t name names.

Microsoft Surface: Everything you need to know

“If Microsoft had seen compelling enough plans from [PC makers], they wouldn’t have needed to do this,” Moorhead went on.

Microsoft surprised partners last week by launching its own tablet after seeing confidential information about all their devices. That’s a privilege no one else in the industry would have.

Recent reports have detailed just how top secret the Microsoft Surface development was, with engineers working in windowless rooms to bring the tablet to life. Windowless? Oh, the irony.

Windows 8 is due around October time. Details are still pretty sparse on the Surface, though a price has leaked. We’ll bring you more as we get it.

Source: CNET

  • http://twitter.com/Krustylicious Taras Dhedhi

    Expect the same to happen with the handsets (even with denials from Ms)

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