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Google’s busy beavering away on its Project Glass Android eyewear, convinced of the notion that we’ll all one day be walking around with computers strapped to our faces. Whether that takes off or not remains to be seen, but either way we’ve just stumbled across a concept that puts it to shame: these are ‘Instaglasses’, and we want them.

The Instaglasses concept is the work of designer Markus Gerke, who’s combined the best of the Instagram app with the best of Google Glass to create something a little bit special.

Gerke’s design, while technically a bit ambitious, boasts 2GB of storage, WiFi and 4G connectivity, 7 hours of battery life and, crucially, a 5-Megapixel camera affixed to the side of one of the lenses.

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The idea would be to push the Instagram-coloured button on the bridge to turn the shades ‘on’, before taking photos with a button on one arm and choosing a filter with the other. You’d then be able to upload the finished pic to your account wirelessly.

It’s an ingenious idea, and one that actually looks pretty stylish – instantly putting it a world away from the Project Glass headsets that Google’s staff have been spotted wearing. The question is: how do we make these a reality? Someone needs to introduce Gerke to the team at Instagram pretty sharpish, for the sake of hipsters everywhere.

Take a look at the full gallery of pics above and let us know: would you wear a pair of Instaglasses?

Via Geeky-Gadgets | Behance

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    Lady Gaga and Polaroid actually own all the designs and patents to this product as they mentioned when they demoed the product two years ago. Nice try, Gerke.

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