Tired of CGI? Us too. We applaud the efforts of both Ridley Scott and Christopher Nolan for trying to shoot as much of this summer’s blockbusters in real life as possible, but the George Lucas technique is still favoured by the majority. Thing is, CGI needn’t be the go-to solution every time, as a pioneering new camera rig from German company The Marmalade proves. Prepare to have your mind blown.

The Marmalade is a ‘creative effects’ studio whose bread and butter is in amazing slow-motion shots. And we mean amazing. You know those slow, panning shots of beer being poured, fruit smashing together and chocolate dropping into melted chocolate in adverts? They’re not CGI – they’re done at The Marmalade.

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And they’re done with some seriously impressive camera tech. To get shots so good, so crisp and so real that they actually start to look like CGI, you need a clever camera. Enter Spike, a camera rig that not only shoots at crazy high frame rate, but also that moves in specific, filmic arcs at an incredibly high speed.

The effect is slow motion shots with camera movement, rather than static images. It’s amazing to watch, and it’s all bespoke tech crafted at The Marmalade. Watch the video below to see for yourself – for anyone interested in tech and cinematography, it’s basically porn:

Link: The Marmalade

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