After a year of teasing us from across the Atlantic, Amazon is bringing the Amazon Appstore to Europe. Does this mean the Kindle Fire is coming too?

Amazon’s Appstore (motto: “No space! You can’t touch us!”) has been grating on our nerves since March last year by just sort of sitting there offering amazing free apps and exclusive game launches that we can’t get our hands on in the UK without some very underhand business involving proxy servers and black magic.

Worse, the lack of an Amazon Appstore meant that the necessary infrastructure for the Kindle Fire wasn’t in place, so Amazon’s wildly popular iPad alternative couldn’t get a UK or EU release either.

At least one of these things is about to change as All Things D reports that Amazon is planning to launch the Appstore in Europe later this Summer. No dates have been announced, but the Book/CD/Everything shop is said to be talking to developers about getting their apps listed on the EU version of the store.

Once the Appstore launches with a library of Android apps, the stage should be set for Amazon to release the Kindle Fire with the necessary approved Android apps and access to Amazon’s media library and storefront. The tablet has proven hugely popular in the US, where it has been a solid competitor to Apple’s iPad and is far and away the most popular Android tablet – even if it one that Google has nothing to do with.

[source: All Things D]

  • Dave Everett

    great news if it’s true, the next step i’d say they need before launching the kindle fire is to get lovefilm streaming out on android, the fire has so little memory for films it will rely on the streaming and it makes sense for amazon to get this right before launch otherwise it will just push people towards netflix instead of their own service, including it in the prime subscription like they do in the states wouldn’t hurt anyone either

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