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Imagine knowing that a text message contained good or bad news before evening opening it. Well, that’s about to become a reality, and it doesn’t require you to take on psychic powers: it’s all done by an app on your Android phone.

The app, developed by a postgraduate student and her supervisor at the University of Portsmouth’s School of Computing, analyses the content of incoming text, Facebook and Twitter messages and colour codes them accordingly: green for positive, blue for neutral and red for negative.

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The idea is to mentally prepare you for the tone of the message, so you won’t be blindsided and overly stressed out by some awful text.

The developers, Lorraine Chambers and Dr Mohamed Gaber, claim the app uses state-of-the-art “sentiment analysis” technology to classify any textual input on the fly. It apparently works “flawlessly” on all the Android devices on which it’s been tested.

The app, which doesn’t yet have a name, will be presented at a conference in Spain in September, presumably appearing in the Google Play app store soon after. The developers hope to release it for free – and say an iOS version could follow if it’s a success.

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