Facebook has lifted the lid on its previously-announced App Center in the US, kicking things off with 600 social apps all neatly stacked up to help you find more tools to connect you and your online activities with your friends. Or is it just adding noise to the noise? We want you to tell us.

The App Center is Facebook’s way of getting you to sign up to more and more social services that interact with Facebook. Apps like Spotify, Pinterest and Draw Something are all gold to Facebook because they ask if you’d like to post your activity onto your Timeline, thus spreading the word. For the app developers and Facebook, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

But does it help us end users? The Facebook App Center will roll out in the UK and the rest of the world in the coming weeks, but has gone live now, with a selection of 600 apps, across the Atlantic.

Here’s the thing, though: choose a mobile app, and the App Center will link out to your phone’s app vestibule, which throws open one big question: is it a bit redundant?

Why Facebook Connect is a bad move

The reasons for Facebook creating the App Center are obvious, but that doesn’t necessarily justify its existence when a good chunk of what it’s doing is pointing you to yet more app stores.

So, that brings us to our question du jour: when Facebook deems it the right time to make the App Center a worldwide affair, will you be even remotely interested? Answer the poll below to let us know:

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