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Fancy owning a bit of tech history? How about a lot of tech history? If you’re a BBC-buff and a tech fanatic, we may well have just found your ideal day out…

Throughout the BBC’s 85 year history, it’s been involved in recording, editing and broadcasting some of Britain’s most historic and famous programmes, speeches, interviews and musical performances. And now you can own some of the kit used to do it.

Peaker Pattinson Auctioneers is hosting a mammoth auction on July 25th, 26th and 27th, to shift over 50 amazing bits of historic Beeb World Service tech, including big stuff like studios and mixing desks, right down to clocks and microphones. The full listing is as follows:

“50+ Broadcast studios, digital / stereo / mono mixing desks, microphones, speakers, headphones, CD / MD players, recorders, amplifiers, turntables, studio clocks, studio editing units, compressors, multi-effect processors, brackets, stands etc.”

Banksy auction: £1m for a piece of paper?

It’s all due to the closure of The BBC’s Bush House building in London, but there’s some serious kit on offer here – making it the ultimate tech sale for any enthusiasts, would-be home producers, or anyone looking to turn their shed into a post-nuclear war broadcasting base.

Interested? Of course you are, you mad fool. Check it out here:

Link: PP Auctioneers | Full auction listing

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