We’re all gearing up for a summer spent indulging in outdoorsiness. This Sceptred Isle is playing host to a laundry list of festivals, games, jubilees, etcetera, so we’re in need of a phone that’s suitably summer proof. Enter the Sony Xperia go – a rugged Android phone that doesn’t look like it’s just fallen off a JCB.

The Xperia go is a dinky little thing compared to most of its Android brethren. The Sony Reality Display measures a just 3.5-inches (the same as the iPhone 4S), but there’s enough sat behind it to make this a compelling option for anyone worried about dropping, siting on or otherwise ruining their smartphone.

A bit like the Motorola Defy before it, the Xperia go boasts water and dust resistance (with an IP67 rating – that’s the highest level), alongside a scratch resistant mineral glass coating. Unlike the Defy, though, here you get a meaty 1GHz dual-core processor. The Sony Xperia go is arguably a much more handsome beast, too.

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Your other vital statistics include a 5-Megapixel camera (which can take a picture of Usain Bolt giving it his all, from sleeping, in just over second), and Android 2.3, although the Xperia go is on Sony’s ever-growing list of upcoming updates to Android 4.0.

Sound like it’s right up your street? The Sony Xperia go will be out in “the third Quarter of 2012,” but we’d be surprised if we made it through the whole summer without it appearing on shelves, given both its outdoor credentials and the fact that our email from Sony Mobile makes many a summer-focused analogy.

No pricing’s been confirmed just yet, but you can expect it to sit on the less wallet-worrying end of the Android spectrum.

  • PeteG

    Its about time there was a sexy, slim, durable and powerful smartphone on the market.  Well done Sony!

  • James

    Personally, I’m more interested in the Xperia acro S.  Seems like a good all-rounder, that I can attatch to my mountain bike/motorbike and not worry about a bit of rain, will be decent enough for pics etc etc.  This one has a micro-SD slot too, which is a bonus for people like me, whom like to capture/carry a lot of media etc etc.

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