The Samsung Galaxy S3 launches in the UK today. That, you may already be well aware of. What you might not know is that Samsung is now also readying Music Hub, a music service to stuff inside it, in order to lure you away from the likes of Spotify. Thing is, it sounds like the most complete online music service there is.

Music Hub, which will initially roll out on the Samsung Galaxy S3 before extending to other devices, is being heralded by Sammie as “the first completely integrated, all-in-one mobile music service.” How’s that? Well, it does what Spotify, iTunes and iTunes Match do all at the same time.

In essence, it’s a digital locker, music streaming service and store at the same time. For free, Samsung Music Hub will let you scour through its 19 million songs, preview them for 30 seconds and buy them from your phone. Pay £9.99 per month on top of that, and you’ll get a more Spotify-esque experience, with all the songs available to stream and store for offline use.

How long before Music Hub gets stolen by the vultures?

But on top of that, you have a digital locker that lets you upload your existing library to Samsung’s servers. Music Hub’s “scan and match technology” will mirror anything you’ve got, but if your tastes veer outside of the library, you’ll get an extra 100GB.

Sounds pretty comprehensive. Music Hub is powered by mSpot, which Samsung’s recently taken control of. mSpot’s CEO Daren Tsu says he believes that “today’s mobile market must have an open mobile music system – one that offers all kinds of services across different devices. Music Hub removes all the barriers to your music.” And from the sounds of things, he’s not wrong.

With the best bits of Spotify and iTunes mashed together for a decent price, will Music Hub tear you out of whichever music service you’re currently plugged into? Let us know below.

  • Anonymous

    Adam you are obsessed with “the end of spotify” was is it with you?

    • Anonymous

      Ha! I actually really like Spotify and use it all the time, it’s just, well… Everyone likes a good scrap. There are several services that offer the same sort of thing in this space now; if they all start fighting each other it’s the users who’ll end up winning. I say bring it on!

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