Samsung Galaxy S3. Fifteen letters that probably mean quite a lot to you if you’re an Android fan in need of an upgrade. Well, good news: Samsung’s newest, market-leading flagship hits stores today. And it really is a bit special. Want to know why? Here’s a handy roundup of everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives: Giant screen and Siri slaying skills

- All the core specs, all the info and all the furore from Samsung’s May 3rd Galaxy S3 launch.



Samsung Galaxy S3 hands-on preview: Yes, it’s amazing

- We jostled with the 500 strong crowd to bring you some of the first ever hands-on photos with the Galaxy S3. It’s a thing of beauty.



Samsung Galaxy S3 best UK prices: Where to get it for less

- The UK Galaxy S3 prices are trickling in, and clambering on top of each other to be the best. What’s the cheapest deal?



The sexier Samsung Galaxy S3 you can never buy in the UK

- South Korea’s getting a slightly different version of the Galaxy S3, but it’s ever-so-slightly sexier. It’s just not fair.



The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Android vultures

- What happens when all the best features of a new phone are stripped out and made available online before it’s even out?



The Samsung Galaxy S3 and the dawn of the split-screen smartphone

- How the quad-core Exynos processor and features like Pop-up Play are bringing in a new dawn for mobile use.



Samsung Galaxy S3 Pop-up Play: The reason for quad-core phones

- The Samsung Galaxy S3’s killer feature? Quite possibly. Is hovering video viewing the way of the future?



Samsung Galaxy S3 Pop-up Play rivals

- Jealous of the amazing Pop-up Play? There are alternatives available on the Google Play store, you know.



S Voice needs more than the Galaxy S3 to take on Siri

- Is S Voice just a gimmick, or a genuine step forward for mobile voice assistants? Here’s what it really needs to succeed.



Samsung Galaxy S3: What happens to Android when HTC can’t get a look in?

- Has the Samsung Galaxy S3 destroyed the competition? And if so, what does that mean to Android as a whole?



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