UPDATE: Another pic. This is looking fairly legit, now…

If you’re not in the camp that’s currently wetting itself with joy about today’s Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, there’s every chance you’re desperately hanging on for fresh info on the iPhone 5. Apple’s remaining typically tight-lipped until its official launch, but has the handset’s backplate just spilled online? And has it spilled Apple’s colourful plans in the process?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered at some point in the past whether or not Apple ever plans to take the range of colours it offers on the iPod nano range and transfer them to the rest of its devices. Specifically the iPhone 5.

Your wondering could be over if you choose to believe that that above back plate is real. It’s come from 9to5Mac and iFixyouri (who’ve subtly put a very discreet watermark on the image), the latter of which claims that the iPhone 5 part has just filtered into its catalogue by way of a reliable Chinese supplier. The rear plate is thinner than that found on the iPhone 4S, and with a much smaller charging connector.

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But the really interesting thing here is the two-tone design, which bears a resemblance to the original iPhone, and the fact that iFixyouri claims that the iPhone 5 won’t just come in black and white. Instead, Apple will reportedly be offering a whole ream of rainbow-esque colours, similar to those in the iPod nano or Nokia Lumia range.

Obviously, with anything Apple, you should take all this with a decent fistful of salt until an official launch happens. Still, the evidence is compelling and – at first glance – the plate seems legit. What do you think? Should Apple launch the iPhone 5 with a Lumia-style choice of colours? Let us know below…

  • Kev Mc

    no 30pin connector?

    • http://GadgetyNews.com Jay Garrett

       There has been rumours that Apple will shrink the port – not the best news for us with docks, cables or those that make and sell them for that matter.

      • Anonymous

        Probably has to happen at some point – real estate inside a smartphone isn’t readily available so Apple needs to make it smaller eventually.

  • http://GadgetyNews.com Jay Garrett

    I’m not convinced that Apple would place the earphone port at the bottom – I’m hoping that it’s for a mini-tripod – FaceTime, capturing video and snaps. That would be pretty good wouldn’t it?

  • bsev85

    two tone back plate?!?!? please no!

  • Simon

    would of liked a completely new form factor instead of a modified version of the iPhone 4/4s

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