No, Samsung. Just… No. Not fair. What you’re looking at on the right here is reportedly the version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that will be launched in its native South Korea. Notice the huge differences in design? Notice that it looks a lot better? Yeah, us too. So just what’s going on?

In South Korea the Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to be fitted with an LTE radio, but there’s a problem. That LTE radio is incompatible with the quad-core Exynos chip that Samsung’s stuffed inside the S3. That means that the Korean version of the handset will have its innards swapped for a dual-core chipset.

And that also means that there’s scope to redesign the handset. As you can see, the South Korean model has had its curves shored off into a far more rectangular shape.

Galaxy S3 Pop-up Play: The reason for quad-core phones

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 on May 3rd, the one thing a lot of people were divided on was the design. The tech inside the handset and the brilliant display are undeniably market-leading, but there’s something slightly off about the hardware design and materials – something that keeps it just short of ‘premium’.

This redesign is a different bag, though – it looks a lot closer to the Galaxy S2 and a bit aesthetically cleaner. The problem? We’ll never get it here in the UK, which is a real shame. Would you rather have the South Korean model, or are you happy with the international version? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: MobilePhoneBlog

  • Guri Dhillon

    Duel core versus quad core …I don’t think that tough decision

    • Dave

      what does dual core matter on android right now? nothing.

  • ChicagoSammo

    We’ll have the LTE version in the US, whenever it’s announced, so hopefully it will look like the Sth Korean version.
    As for dual core v quad core – I’d rather have a quad core LTE phone but I really don’t think that i’ll notice any problem with it being dual core.
    After all, what is the point of stuffing a quad core chip in whilst handcuffing it to 3.5G speeds.

  • Hawk123

    You know I like the rounded version better,

  • Bex

    I’d prefer Quad core but, I much prefer the design of the Korean one and would settle for dual core with that design. 

  • Glicy

    i like the round curvy design

  • Glicy

    i like the round curvy design

  • Guri Dhillon

    People who like Korean design, they can buy galaxy II LTE which very similar to this and duel core with LTE. Personally I’m not big fan of LTE it consumes lot battery and available everywhere hspa+ is good enough for me

  • Samsungblue

    The Korean version looks about 2-3 years ahead in modernity , a much better looking phone. The UK spec curved version looks cheap and naff.

  • Mel

    Personally I think the one on the left is a better line and feared That in the US I would be forced into the square version – design and power – excellent

  • Hrdknox55

    I personally think the South Korea version looks much better as far as design go, i agree the rounder corners do make it look a bit more cheap, and also it seems as tho the screen is a bit bigger on SK version…

  • awal

    I have the sgs 3. Before In previews I though the rounded one is ugly. After I used it for a few days I’m starting to like the curves. Quadcore over dual obviously. But we shall see how good this quad processor is in comparison :-) . At the moment I ain’t complaining.

  • Tsuki Yatemiru

    It’s a fake fucking dumbass, a retard post a bad photoshoped pic and all site post it as a news? So much retards…

  • macutmore

    By the time 4G LTE becomes mainstream in the UK, we’ll be talking Galaxy S4.

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