Sony’s got a track record for doing adverts rather well. Its Bravia ads in particular are pretty awe-inspiring. You know the ones with the bouncing balls and the exploding paint? Yeah. That. Thing is, that doesn’t mean that the company gets it right all the time. In fact, we’d say the power’s gone to Sony’s head, as it’s just filed a patent application to bring game-freezing adverts to its consoles. And maybe the Sony PS4

The patent application in question is called ‘Advertisement scheme for use with interactive content’ and details a process of serving you ads (in this case for some delicious soda) mid-game.

The process is horrifyingly anti-gaming. First off, the game will flash up a warning that an ad is about to appear, before slowing down and eventually freezing the gameplay. Once you’ve been sufficiently brainwashed into buying whatever shiny treat’s onscreen, the game would rewind “at least a portion of the interactive content” before letting you play again.

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Madness. Absolute madness. We should point out that this is still just a patent application, which means Sony’s not yet been granted the full right to ruin gaming. But if that happens, would this tech filter into the PS4?

Surely that throws up a whole host of questions about what Sony’s plans are when it comes to paying for games. You can’t really serve ads to people who’ve paid full price for content, so maybe Sony’s got plans on adopting a the same model as apps, where it dishes out free games but stuffs them full of adverts?

Read the full application in the source link below, and let us know your thoughts…

Via NeoGAF

  • Ken De Pauw

    Dear lord, no! Just no…

    I’m hoping this will be more for free online web-based flash games and the like where I can completely understand the need for advertising.

    However if I buy a game and pay good money, there should be absolutely no adverts anywhere in the game to distract from the experience and story that I have paid for.

    Slowing and freezing the game to show an advert is an extreme intrusion of the game experience and I think the gaming community will not accept this.

    I know Sony are in trouble financially but this a bit of a big step :P

  • Keebaud

    Sony are missing a trick here. This tech is horrifying. However they could probably get away with feeding adverts into loading screens. We see enough of them and it wouldn’t impact on the actual gameplay.

  • Ollie Ingham

    Thanks Sony, I always wanted to have the urge to buy Dr Pepper in the middle of a game of Fallout 3…

  • Lee Woodward

    So here iam im 2nd its the final lap of the monaco gp, my fingers are number
    then just then i spot a chance to pass 1st place so………aaaaargh!!!!!
    bloody advert!!!! game over chance missed….
    Please sony dont do it – if only for me…

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