Sony Music Unlimited, Sony’s answer to subscription song services like Spotify, has just landed on the iPhone. The app, which has been available on Android since last year, can now be downloaded by lucky iPhone users in New Zealand – usually an impending sign that a global roll out of an iOS app is happening. The question is, is there anything here that will sway shoppers?

It doesn’t look like there are any iOS-specific features here, but the Sony Music Unlimited iPhone app lets you tap into the same pool of songs, straight from your smartphone. The basic £3.99 per month plan doesn’t get you much more than song matching to your own collection, and certain artist playlists, but the £9.99 per month plan gives you full access to the whole catalogue anywhere.

Now mobile apps are nothing new of course; both Spotify and Rdio offer iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps. The killer feature here is PS3 and Bravia smart TV integration, something Spotify currently lacks, so if that’s where your audio system is Sony Music Unlimited could make you very happy indeed.

Music subscription services such as Spotify have proved wildly popular in recent years, and Sony is hoping to capitalise on their success as part of its new, unified strategy.

“Spotify has been one of the first companies to be able to really make a statement about subscription services that has made sense to consumers,” president of Sony Entertainment Network Tim Schaaff told Electricpig in an interview last year.

“It’s early days and we used to think that Myspace was going to dominate everything in social networking and they’re gone. They’re gone.”

“Sony’s in this for the long run and we’ve got the kind of financial stability to survive through the ups and downs that industry is experiencing as we find the right formula for this experience.”

We’ve got a request in with Sony UK to confirm when it’ll be hitting the App Store in the UK and will update when we hear back.

  • The Only Cog

    nice idea, but I assume it only gives access to their own music catalog? 

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