Tizen is the talk of the mobile town at the minute. Android’s still charging on unfazed, but the arrival of a newcomer to any scene will always cause a stir – and that’s exactly what the new open source OS from Samsung, Intel and others is doing. Today it seems to have gained a powerful new follower: is HTC prepping a Tizen phone to call is own?

The news here comes from Digitimes, which fails to state a legitimate source (so get your salt-pinchers ready), but is reporting that HTC is working on a Tizen-powered phone that’ll hit the market in the second half of this year. If true, it’s gonna cause quite the shakeup.

Tizen is a new operating software being developed for phones, Smart TVs and cars. It’s gaining attention because people are keen to see if it has the chops to become the next Android. Samsung is already heavily invested in the OS, causing speculation that it’s readying a means of weening itself off of Android.

Tizen explained: An Android backup plan?

If HTC really is about to do the same thing, Google may well be a touch worried. We already know that manufacturers are finding it tough to get Android updates out the door, and with Google’s partnership with Motorola about to come to fruition, we’d wager that both Samsung and HTC might be wary of dropping out of favour with Google.

If Tizen can provide a viable alternative, it could well be the new go-to OS for manufacturers without their own in-house software. The death of Android? It’s not quite that drastic yet, but it could certainly end up that way if HTC, Samsung and the other major manufacturers choose it over Android for future flagships.

Will Tizen usurp Google’s mobile crown, or is it just another Bada? Would you buy an HTC handset running Tizen? Let us know your thoughts below.

  • http://about.me/tanclo Thomas Clothier

    happy to see Tizen running on the Galaxy SII HD !! Looking forward to trying it out as soon as it is made available

  • Acarya Mjr

    Make it run something like Ubuntu on Android, or at least Libre office… you will have a winner.

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