Facebook has just launched the Facebook App Center, an app vestibule to call its very own. It’s an investor-pleasing move, but will it actually be of any use to users? Isn’t Facebook Connect’s auto-posting more of an annoyance than anything? We’ve been pushing this opinion for a long time, but it seems we’re not alone: Orange agrees.

The Facebook App Center, which is rolling out on the web, iOS and Android over the next few weeks, is a new way for users to find apps that interact with Facebook in one way or another – be it posting on your timeline or interacting with your friends. It’s good news for app developers, certainly, and it was always on the cards, but will it just clog up your feeds?

Yesterday Electricpig spoke to Orange about its new second-screen TV app, TVcheck. The app lets you interact with what you’re watching by way of Twitter feeds, TV quizzes, Foursquare-like check-ins and more, but there’s been some careful thought put into the way you log in.

Are Facebook timeline apps a social virus?

“We’ve seen that if we were using only Facebook Connect, we were losing a lot of users,” said Orange’s VP of digital innovation Patrice Slupowski. “In testing of the application, if we were giving the user only the Facebook mechanism, they weren’t as interested.”

And when Slupowski says “weren’t as interested”, he really means it. “We’ve see that with Facebook Connect now, the screen that says ‘we’re going to publish things to your timeline’ just takes 75 per cent of people away.” That’s massive, but it’s not isolated: as we reported earlier this week, Facebook’s social reader apps are currently in free-fall.

And why is that, exactly? “There is more and more noise on Facebook,” Slupowski asserts. “It’s a very noisy environment. All the live streaming activities etc, are becoming noisy and people are becoming more cautious. They don’t want to add noise to the noise.”

Can Facebook save lives?

Isn’t that exactly what the Facebook App Center is, though? Adding noise to the noise? We’re worried about the day when (unless you actively hide such posts) everything on your feed is a Facebook Connect auto-post, rather than an actual status.

Do you agree with Orange? Is there already too much noise on Facebook? Let us know your thoughts below.

Link: Orange TVcheck

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