We’ve just about gotten over the fiasco surrounding the delay of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S2. Having figured out just why it’s taken so long and told you how to get it in just about every way possible, something shiny’s caught our eye from across the Atlantic: the Android 4.0 update for the monstrous Galaxy Note. The question: When’s it coming?

The video comes out of an AT&T event in the US, and clearly shows a Galaxy Note that’s been gifted the jump to Android 4.0. As with the Galaxy S2 and the newly-announced Galaxy S3, the version of Android 4.0.3 on show here isn’t the stock Google experience – it’s had a lick of paint from the Samsung TouchWiz brush to give it that familiar feel.

But despite the subtlety, this is definitely Ice Cream Sandwich. As well as the system information revealing as such, there are a few tell-tale signs – like the ‘Settings’ option being wedged into the drop-down notifications tray.

Samsung’s ICS nightmare: What’s taken so long?

As with all Android updates – and especially with Samsung ones – the date of release depends on the carriers. AT&T in the states clearly has its version all but ready to go, but there’s no word on when networks in the UK will be able to boast the same. Samsung’s initial guess of ‘before April’ has since been pushed back to a more vague ‘Q2’.

We’ve asked Samsung for comment on the Galaxy Note following this video, but have yet to hear back. Take a look at what you can expect, and we’ll keep you updated as and when we can…

Link: Android Central

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