Google Play, the search giant’s recently renamed app arena, has hit 15 billion downloads, according to PC Advisor. Though reports differ on exactly when it happened. Regardless, it’s a huge landmark, and adds an extra 4 billion on the 11 billion downloads announced by Google back in January.

Google is still lagging behind Apple though; Cupertino’s App Store hit a whopping 25 billion downloads back in March, rewarding one lucky downloader with an iTunes gift card worth $10,000. (Almost enough to buy all the versions of Angry Birds.) But Google’s OS is growing faster than Apple’s: Fiksu, maker of a mobile marketing platform for apps, said downloads from the App Store fell by 30% in March, according to the Independent. Android reportedly has more than 300 million devices in operation.

Though Apple has a greater selection of apps, despite Android’s open source free-for-all approach. The App Store boasts more than 580,000 apps compared to Google Play’s 450,000.

Google changed the name of Android Market to Google Play in March. While Google Play was initially thought to have hit the landmark yesterday, a Google spokesperson told Tech Crunch it was actually a few weeks ago.

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