You know those apps that let you read news within Facebook, and then automatically post what you’ve read? They’re really annoying, right? Turns out that’s a popular opinion: the craze is seeing user figures in complete free-fall. Should Facebook leave news to Twitter, where it’s done best?

Buzzfeed has reported on new info from AppData, which seems to point to nearly every social news reading app on Facebook suffering a large drop in readership. The initial inkling came from a report on the shape of the Washington Post on Forbes, which has seen its Facebook app’s reach drop from over 17 million users to just over 9 million in just over a month.

That data also rings true for the Guardian, which has seen its daily active user figure drop from a high of nearly 600,000 to well under 100,000 in just as short an amount of time. Similar apps from DailyMotion, Yahoo! And Pandora are all collapsing too. Is it the end of a short-lived trend?

Timeline ticker apps: A Facebook virus?

A while back I wrote a piece on how the Facebook ticker apps that tell the world every minute detail of your day are a step away from what Facebook should be about. I still stand by that: Facebook shouldn’t tell people what you read, cooked, listened to or watched; it should be a way to edit and share only the most exciting parts of your life.

And the numbers back me up. If these numbers continue to plunder, we could well see Facebook making a disgraced retreat from the news game – a facet of business that Twitter’s always excelled in. Should the news stay on Twitter and off Facebook? Let us know your thoughts below.

  • Andrew Bowness

    I’ve always hated them, whenever I saw an article a friend had read I’ve just copy the text of the headline and Google it to get the article on the newspaper’s site. Why would I want my friends know everything I’ve read?

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