Samsung’s 9 Series ultrabook is a handsome beast. It’s always been one of the more attractive prospects for Windows fans looking for a Microsoft-powered alternative to the MacBook Air, even if previous iterations haven’t been the most powerful kids on the block. But hang on; what’s this? An Ivy Bridge-powered model on the horizon? Do tell…

We don’t know exactly when (consult your tea leaves for specifics), but Apple is due to launch its refreshed MacBook lineup very soon. This is likely to include redesigned MacBook Pros with weight shedded, and Airs with beefed up innards. Microsoft needs an ace up its sleeve.

And Samsung’s latest could be the answer. The Samsung N900X4C is a 15-inch, incredibly svelte ultrabook built around Intel’s new Ivy Bridge architecture. That means a dual-core 1.7GHz Core i5 3317U CPU with 8GB or RAM pumping away in the engine room.

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That all sounds peachy. Samsung’s not yet announced pricing or availability, and there’s no word on whether these sorts of specs will make it into any smaller models than this 15-inch monster, but with looks like this, it may well lure a few people away from Apple’s Airs.

Keen on Sammie’s 9-series ultrabooks? Or are there better alternatives out there? Let us know your thoughts below.

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