Ever backed a project on Kickstarter? You’d like to think you’re helping a great cause, getting creativity off the ground and receiving a nice reward in the process, right? It’s all an exercise in good faith, but what if you’re secretly being duped? One such faux fund-raiser has just been pulled, but how many more are there out there?

If you backed a game by Little Monster Productions, under the name of Mythic: The Story Of Gods And Men, you’re in trouble: the game’s never getting made because no such project actually exists.

Little Monster Productions has been forced to pull its Kickstarter campaign after it was revealed that the artwork it was using was ripped from various other sources, including Photoshop CS5 tutorial sites. The game was never going to be made, yet still managed to rope in $4,739 (£2,924) of its $80,000 goal from 83 backers.

Games that deserve the Kickstarter treatment

The aim was to “make a triple-A title without letting a publisher go near it,” by utilising the skills of a team “that left Activision / Blizzard in search of something better.” Yeah, sure.

The team behind the project has since cancelled the Kickstarter page, removed its online presence and can’t be reached. It makes you wonder: how many Kickstarter projects promise the Earth but can’t deliver? It’s a scary world out there, kids: invest wisely.

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  • http://networkreviews.co.uk/ Ramy Khuffash

    I actually thought about this. What if the entrepreneur or developer doesn’t actually plan to scam everyone but actually gives up on their idea? I guess they would have to make it work after taking everyones money

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