Excited to the point of exploding about the Samsung Galaxy S3? It might be time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture if word from Digitimes is to be believed. The rumour mill is churning, and has just popped out a solid nugget of golden gossip: The next Nexus phone is coming, and it’s coming from Samsung once again…

By now, the other key Android manufacturers must be getting a bit annoyed with Google. While ZTE probably isn’t losing any sleep over the Nexus partnership, HTC may well be wondering what it’s done wrong. That’s because Samsung looks set to produce Google’s flagship Android handset for the umpteenth time running.

Nexus Tablet incoming?

The next Galaxy Nexus phone will launch to celebrate the next iteration of Android: Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean). Google’s partnership with Samsung on Nexus phones has proved incredibly successful so far, the two producing some fine handsets.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 just around the corner and the tech world sitting on the edge of its seat waiting for details, it seems that Samsung’s doing Android right. And Google knows it. The Galaxy S3 will no doubt make the jump to Android 5.0 eventually, but does this news affect your decision? Anyone holding out for the S3 who may now wait a bit longer?

Link: Digitimes

  • James

    Honestly, I am quite surprised at this. 

    Despite thier success of late, why go with Samsung?

    The reason I find this puzzling is that, if I had just spent a dozen billion dollars on buying a mobile manufactuing bix (Motorola Mobility) I might be inclined to use them!

    Any thoughts as to why this was done “out-of-house”?
    Especially as none of the Nexus phones have really been, to my knowledge, much of a comercial sucess (and shortly after the release of each Nexus phone, the OEM releases a very similar but better handset which renderes the Nexus pretty much redundant e.g. Nexus One/HTC Desire, Nexus S/Galaxy S2), it seems like a wasted opportunity…..

    • Anonymous

      So, to give it to Motorola now would be a very unwise move. Although Nexus phones don’t sell that well, they are benchmarks, flagship launch products. For Motorola to get the next one would send a terrible signal to other OEMs: Google says you’re second class.

      But yes, you’re right, why Samsung again? I can imagine HTC would love another shot, while Sony and LG must be foaming at the mouth for the opportunity. It might just be a question of scale: only Samsung can turn around a phone quickly enough to meet Google’s requirements for a launch.

  • Postal Jim

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Been holding my last upgrade since Dec 28th.  Waited for the One X.  Enlcosed battery/No SD.  Dealbreaker.

    Now, waiting for the S3.  Looks great. not 2G RAM, I could live. 4.7 (.8) Can deal with it. 8MP not 12?  I’m ok.  But knowing it may be surpassed by another Sammy phone so soon (not really surprising) makes my head hurt.

    What to do, what to do……….

  • http://profiles.google.com/rob.hunter11 Rob Hunter

    Samsung phones seem to look good on paper but when you put all the components together you end up with less than the sum of the parts. Going back a while now, but my old HTC Desire and my brother’s old Samsung Galaxy S were just incomparable in real life. The Galaxy S is better on paper but the Desire was so much better in the real world. Numbers are great for choosing a phone but I’d like to see the comparison in the real world and that’s hard to do without living with them.

    • Emre Efeoglu

      Haha. You made that upp? When i hade man GS all my friends that had the Desire wanted 2 swap it for a sammy. All benchmarks and real life usage say the opesite of what you are saying. So please test things your self and come and say that again.

      • Rob

        You may have noticed that It was an anecdote from a real world test. I’m not interested in arguing. I’m just trying to give people more information so they can make their own informed decisions. I don’t try to preach “get this phone” to people. the one that’s best for me might not be best for the next person. I hope you feel like you made the right decision for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vedran-Pènava/826224487 Vedran Pènava

    I love my nexus s

    • Anonymous

      Mine too. Pity Google’s kinda forgotten about it already!

  • Bill Brasky

    Article not quite correct. Jellybean is 4.1 and is already out with no trace of the Nexus 2.

  • robert!

    best bet that the next nexus is going to be manufactured by motorola. we have to wait for android 5.0 for another nexus anyways. jellybean is just a bandage for ics.

  • Jake

    5.0? Thought JB was 4.1

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