Netflix is on a mission to be available on everything, from games consoles to PCs to drinks coasters. The company wants to be on ‘every relevant screen’, which is why it’s just inked a deal with Sony to launch on the Sony Entertainment Network, bringing movie streaming to a host of Sony kit. Has your Blu-Ray player just found a better source of content than your Blu-Rays?

Sony’s deal brings Netflix to far more than just the PS3. Sony’s arsenal of connected Bravia TVs, Blu-Ray Players and Network Media Players now has access to the crimson-hued movie and TV streaming service – assuming they’re web connected.

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Netflix’ VP of product development Greg Peters says of the deal: “Adding Netflix to the Sony Entertainment Network, gives consumers an even broader choice of devices to instantly watch unlimited TV programmes and films streamed over the Internet.”

Sony’s the key force behind the Blu-Ray format, but you have to wonder if a deal that brings Netflix to its Blu-Ray players might end up hampering sales slightly. If you’ve access to hours of content for just £6 per month, are you as likely to go out and spend double that on a single disc?

Will you be using Netflix on the Sony Entertainment Network? Or are there already enough places to get access? Let us know below.

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