Let’s face it; there’s nothing better than stumbling into the living room on a Sunday afternoon and realising that ITV is playing an old James Bond film. If only it were possible to watch them all in a row, whenever you want. Oh hang on, there is: Sky’s just signed a deal to get every single Bond film under one HD broadcasting roof…

The deal has been struck between Sky and Bond’s owners Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and means that Sky will soon be able to broadcast all the Bond films as often as it likes in HD and, crucially, without adverts.

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies, says that the company is “simply delighted to have secured the Bond films,” and that “we will ensure that we do them justice across Sky Movies, giving our customers the best possible experience in watching them.”

James Bond Vs Steve Jobs

There’ll be 22 EON Production films available on Sky Showcase HD (and later on other Sky Movies channels), from Dr No to Quantum of Solace, plus the two rogue, non-EON Bond movies – 1967’s Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again. Which should be good for a laugh.

The deal kicks in to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Dr No, on October 5th. What’s more, Sky HD will be first to scoop up the upcoming Daniel Craig title Skyfall, from the Spring of 2013. Right; you’ve got six months to gather enough popcorn together to last you through about 50 hours of action.

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