Yes, yes, we know: Kickstarter’s getting a lot of press coverage these days. A bit too much, if anything. But we promise only to bring you news of projects that seem genuinely worth your cash. Remember Tim Schafer’s adventure game project? Someone else is getting in on the crowd-sourced game-funding now. And let us tell you: you need this game in your life.

Republique is a ‘AAA iOS game’ that needs $500,000 to get off the ground. That money will ideally come from people like you, who are keen to get involved in shaping the mobile gaming landscape. What are we looking at, here? A survival horror game that puts you behind the CCTV cameras of a mysterious building, the aim being to use objects in the environment to help a young woman sneak out undetected.

Classic games that need Kickstarter love

Sounds cool, right? The best bit is that it’s being made by a couple of teams with staff who’ve had a hand in some of the best console games of the current generation, from Metal Gear Solid, to Halo and F.E.A.R – and there’s evidence of all three in Republique’s look and feel.

With that kind of talent on board, it’s no surprise that Republique seems to tread the fine line between console-quality graphics and fine-tuned touch controls. Some serious thought looks to have gone into making this a meaty, story-driven mobile behemoth. Angry Birds, it is not:

The problem? Republique’s developers Camoflaj and Logan have failed to get funding from the industry. That’s where you, and Kickstarter, come in. Fancy helping this become an iPhone smash hit? Head to the project’s fundraising page to get involved.

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