Want to win a few top handsets at once? That’d certainly be nice. It’s exactly the opportunity we gave our readers last month, when we asked you to tell us why you think you deserved to win three top HTC smartphones. We were flooded with responses, but it’s time to reveal the winner…

We were offering the chance to win an HTC Desire S, HTC Incredible S and HTC Wildfire S, all to be dished out to one lucky winner. One person would walk away with the means to kit out their family with a smartphone each. Maybe the Incredible S for you, the Desire S for your brother and the Wildfire S for your mum? Brownie points for life.

Having sifted through the responses, there was one clear winner. Our lucky recipient decided to answer the “I deserve to win three top HTC handsets because….” sentence opener with a lengthy poetic list. We won’t post it all here (it’s on our Facebook page) as it’ll eat up web space, but we thought it was ace, either way.

So, without any further ado, congratulations to… Chrissy Macneill! Chrissy says she plans to keep one handset for herself, give one to “the hubby who wont be able to say his battery ran out any more,” and the third to her “techno junkie teenager,” who “will have all 3 phones mastered in a few days.”

We hope you enjoy them! Missed out on this win? Fret not: keep your eyes peeled for plenty more chances to win on Electricpig.

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