Another week, another reported leak of Samsung Galaxy S3 specs. Previous droplets of information have given away details on the processor or casing, but this time it’s all about the display. Is the Galaxy S3’s display going to knock seven shades of pixeldom out of the iPhone 4S?

The word comes from Digitimes, who’s claiming that South Korean panel manufacturers are pumping some serious investment into the development of AMOLED displays. The theory is that larger panels with increased resolutions are going to be the norm across a range of manufacturers’ phones this year.

Samsung, in partiuclar, will be going AMOLED mad – turning to the tech for pretty much all of its next handsets, such as the “Omnia HD, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S2 HD, and Galaxy Note LTE.” And, most importantly, the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3: are these the final specs?

If you believe the rumours, we’re looking at 4.6-inch Galaxy S3, with a pixel density of 319ppi. That, as we’re sure you’re aware, is within spitting distance of iPhone 4S’ 326ppi Retina Display, and so close that our puny human eyes won’t be able to tell the difference.

If true, it means that Samsung will be able to compete with the key feature that Apple has to lure in new users: the Retina Display. We’ll keep you posted with more news as we get it.

  • David

    If they do it 1280×800 (same as Galaxy Note) but at smaller 4.6″ that would actually be 328ppi…

  • Anonymous

    Still not as sharp as the Xperia S, at 342 ppi.

    • Faiz

      I doubt we can tell the difference. Besides, if the s3 has the same size as the xperia s, it would have the same ppi

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