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As with most Rockstar games, GTA V details are the subject of some real secrecy. While we’ve not managed to squeeze much blood out of the official Rockstar stone, an anonymous source has just spilled the beans in a big way. What can we expect from the next in the series? Read on to find out.

Before we carry on, we should probably point out that you need to take everything here with a shaker’s worth of salt. The source claims to be a friend of a fired Rockstar employee, who reckons that “Because one contract to RockStar covered everything, including secrecy, and his contractual obligation was now removed, he was legally allowed to spill the beans.” It’s not the first time a GTA game has been subject to this sort of rumour-milling – they rarely turn out to be true.

Right; warning over. On to the details. Amid a flurry of leaked GTA V info, the source proffers word that the game’s world map will be about five times larger than GTA IV’s Liberty City, with Los Santos making up around half of that space.

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GTA V’s protagonist is Albert De Silva, the rich gangster narrating the launch trailer. De Silva has a son, who the mole refers to as “your stereotypical CoD player.” Further details focus on the gameplay mechanics, like the idea that wanted levels operate slightly differently now. Police will bring out riot shields, for instance, while a six-star wanted level will result in a 72-game-hour search for people matching your description, even after it’s cleared.

There’ll also be a variety of planes to fly, ranging up from “World War 2 fighter planes,” while cars and guns will offer some customisation options. Finally, GTA V’s launch date: May 2013, apparently – allowing for a solid period of work that still needs doing.

Just to reiterate, you shouldn’t necessarily take all or any of this to heart. We’d imagine Rockstar wouldn’t sack people without some serious NDA paperwork changing hands first, for a start. If you are intrigued, though, you can read the full list of GTA V info here.

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