Microsoft is gearing up for a Windows 8 event in April that’ll showcase the finished product to manufacturing partners, signposting a launch in October – that’s according to sources close to Microsoft. Are the next generation of Ultrabooks being built right now?

According to Bloomberg, a Microsoft mole has revealed that the finishing touches are currently being applied to Windows 8. The rumoured showcase in April will be an industry insider deal that’ll point manufacturers towards the correct marketing approaches and final details on how to integrate the software with their hardware.

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From there, there’ll be a few months of building time before the first devices filter onto shelves. That rough ‘October’ date is a worst case scenario; if Windows 8 machines aren’t ready by then, Microsoft will struggle to make a dent in the Christmas sales market. And that’ll dent shares something chronic.

Assuming it all goes to plan, though, we’ll start seeing what’ll be the second generation of Ultrabooks, most likely starring Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors. All signs point to a healthy end of year for Microsoft, even though your parents might have trouble working Windows 8.

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