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We may have got a new Apple TV at Apple’s keynote last night, but it’s not the only competitor in the space. Budget rival Roku launched in the UK last month, and this week it’s been talking up future plans for its little purple media streamers. On its radar? Sky Go, Sky’s on-demand and streaming service.

In an interview with Reuters this week, Roku founder and CEO Anthony Wood outlined plans for a European invasion. Part of this involves raising $50m (£31m)from investors, but bringing new services is also top on the priority list.

“The goal is to get Sky Go on our box,” he said. “There’s no deal with Sky yet. We’re in discussions with Sky, and with all the content owners.”

That’s a tantalising prospect for Roku owners. Customers can subscribe to Sky Go even if they don’t have Sky TV, with packages starting at £15. If it were to happen, you’d be able to watch Sky channels and even live football without Sky’s dish and box, on a device that costs just £50. That would make the £99 Apple TV seem like even worse value for money in the UK.

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We’ve been testing the Roku out ourselves for the last few weeks, and it’s performed admirably, sucking down BBC iPlayer and Netflix movies with ease. It’s tiny, easy to set up and packed with content.

When we asked a Roku spokesperson ourselves about its plans for new content, they declined to give specifics, but said it’s something they’re working on.

“We are talking with lots of content providers and will make an announcement as soon as there are agreements in place. Being in the market is the important thing for us right now and will be a catalyst for adding more channels.”

Fingers crossed. We’ll keep you posted on Roku’s plans as it rolls them out.

(Via Reuters)

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