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Two amazing looking screens from Halo 4 have leaked onto the web. If these really are in-game shots as the finders claim, could this be the game to see the Xbox 360 out with a graphical bang? (don’t bother just yet, the flood of eager-beaver Halo fans has flattened it) was first with these two impressive looking screen grabs from the upcoming Halo 4, with hardcore gamer hangout NeoGaf helpfully hosting them thereafter.

Both are simply shots of series hero Master Chief, looking hard as nails as per usual. We’ve seen this kind of cutscene shot a million times and are usually disappointed when we get actual in-game footage. But wait – this, says developer 343 Industries, is in-game footage. If so then the lighting and detail rendering on these pics will make Halo 4 the kind of eye candy that will come with a warning from your dentist. (Yes, your eye has a dentist. What of it?). Even if the artists have once again resorted to the standard first person shooter muddy brown and green palette, as these images indicate.

The Xbox 720 is somewhere in London

What is interesting is that Halo 4 will be launching on the current-gen Xbox 360 rather than on the eagerly awaited Xbox 720. We recently saw some test renders of Konami’s Fox engine running on next-gen hardware and they were pretty jawdropping. That developer 343 is able to squeeze this kind of performance from the current generation is impressive and makes us think that the next Halo game – which will almost certainly be a next-gen title – is going to blow our minds like a carefully-aimed Brute Mauler.

Halo 4 will pick up from where Halo 3 left off – with Master Chief crash landing on an alien world. The game is intended to be the start of an entirely new storyline within the Halo universe.

[source: NeoGaf]

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