If you’re blessed with both children and an iPad, you’ll know the pain of watching them thumb all over your £400 tablet. If only there were something cheaper they could muck about with? Luckily, Archos has answered the call: meet the £99 Child Pad – a kid-friendly tab with Android 4.0 baked in.

Now, correct us if we’re wrong, but isn’t £99 the cheapest you can get an Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet for in the UK? Just about. Of course, that price point does come with some serious caveats.

The Child Pad is, as the name suggests, aimed at kids, so the version of Android 4.0 you’re looking at is heavily skinned and dumbed down, but does come pre-loaded with a bunch of learning apps and games to keep junior entertained.

The full Android Ice Cream Sandwich update list

Under the hood there’s a 1GHz single-core processor and 1GB or RAM. Hardly up to current spec. That said, if you’re keen to see what the Child Pad can really do, you’ll have to toggle through the extensive list of parental controls, go into the Android Market and download a new launcher.

Then, hey presto: you’ve got a normal, budget Android 4 tablet – albeit a very sluggish one – for less than one hundred notes. The Archos Child Pad will be out at the end of March. Interested? Let us know below.

  • Steve

    Hell yeah…. was going to get the Innopad for my daughter but will probably wait for this now ….

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