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As first-world problems go, struggling to assemble IKEA furniture is right up there with the worst of the worst. Thankfully the Swedish flat-pack king has decided to make things a bit easier, by launching a new YouTube channel chocked full of instructional videos.

Or that’s the plan… There’s currently only one video on the channel, which depicts happy, not-at-all-stressed out IKEA staff knocking together a MALM double bed in record time, all set to plink-plonky music and happy ‘you can do it’ vibes.

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The channel is US based at the moment, so as it grows you may find things on there that aren’t for sale in the UK (and vice versa), but other than that it’s a great fit for a company with a bit of a reputation for taking hours from people’s lives over flat-pack builds.

Watch the video below and see if you could keep up:

  • Andrew Bowness

    It’s a great idea, I haven’t watched the video but I assume the two people don’t finish with a handful of spare screws?

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