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Do you fondly remember the Dreamcast? If so, you’ll remember such unforgettable classics as Jest Set Radio (Jet Grind Radio, if you’re in the States), Shenmue and, erm… Seaman. If the latter’s more your speed you’re in luck: the disturbingly brilliant fish with a man’s head is bound for a comeback.

Not sure what we’re on about? Seaman was one of the Sega Dreamcast’s more ‘eccentric’ titles. It was a sort of Tamigotchi experience that put you in charge of a small, gradually evolving fish with the head and voice of a man. Oh, and it was narrated by Leonard Nimoy. Barmy.

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The game was one of the few to make use of the Dreamcast’s microphone accessory, which allowed you to talk to Seaman and order him about. And that’s what Nintendo’s interested in.

Ninty has reportedly decided to dig up some old, unique franchises from third party developers that can be force fed into the Nintendo 3DS.

The Sega-owned Seaman, of all things, has made the cut, which means you’ll soon be able to sit on the train and talk to your man headed fish to your heart’s content. Want to see what you’re in for? Watch the video below…


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