Ready to feel good? We’ve just been alerted to this video of Lee Ridley, a man who otherwise goes by the name of ‘Lost Voice Guy’ doing his first ever stand-up comedy gig.

Why so special? Ridley’s got Cerebral Palsy and has been voiceless since his childhood. The comedy comes courtesy of an iPad

It’s the kind of heart-melting footage that Apple mashes together for its own hyperbolic iPad adverts. Using text-to-voice app Speak It!, Lost Voice Guy manages to deliver a genuinely funny set – during which he even calls himself a ‘w*nker’ for owning an iPad.

Microsoft ‘Kinect Effect’ ad apes iPad marketing

That aside, this kind of empowering stuff if a PR dream for Apple, given how much it loves to show the iPad helping people around the world.

It’s a proper feel-good video showing how today’s tech does actually improve a lot of people’s lives, often in funny and unexpected ways. Have a watch for yourself (just give the guy a couple of minutes to warm up):

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