Tim Cook and Apple made a rare appearance at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference yesterday, taking the time to berate the market for low price, poor quality tablets. Do his words debunk the theories of an 8-inch iPad?

Speaking of rivals such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Apple CEO Cook said: “Price is rarely the most important thing. A cheap product might sell some units. Somebody gets it home and they feel great when they pay the money, but then they get it home and use it, and the joy is gone.”

He went on to assert his view that “the joy is gone every day that they use it until they aren’t using it anymore. You don’t keep remembering ‘I got a good deal’ because you hate it.” Harsh words for the competition.

Confirmed: iPad 3 launch date

This anti-budget thinking aligns perfectly with Apple’s premium sensibilities, but does it also suggest that a cheaper, lesser specced and smaller 8-inch iPad – as was rumoured yesterday by the WSJ – isn’t on the cards?

To me, it seems as though making an iPad that costs less and does less than the normal, 9.7-inch model goes against this idea of quality and premium pricing. I’m dubious of the iPad Mini gossip anyway, but this is certainly evidence that sits in my favour.

With the iPad 3 launch just around the corner, we’ll just have to wait and see what Apple has up its sleeves.

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