Apple has come down hard on one of its key manufacturing partners, after the OEM has been dealing with Asus for its line of ultrabooks. Pegatron Technology has had its hand forced, and may have to stop helping out Apple competitors. Read on for the full details.

Pegatron Technology help manufacture both the iPhone and the MacBook Air. It also makes the Asus Zenbook, an ultrabook with more than a passing resemblance to Apple’s diminutive MacBook.

According to reports, Apple’s had just about enough of this split allegiance, and has demanded that Pegatron cease business with Asus.

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The move leaves Pegatron with a pretty obvious choice: abandon Apple to focus on the flailing ultrabooks, or continue a beneficial partnership that’ll probably see it become one of the key manufacturers of the iPad 3.

Well, what would you do? The move will mean that Asus will have to outsource its production to either Compal Electronics or Wistron, as of around mid-March. Is this Apple being all too controlling, or making a fair point in the similarity between the Air an the Zenbook?

Via Digitimes

  • Ryu Kent

    This is ridiculous. At this rate they will become the most anti-competitive company out there.

  • Anonymous

    That’s why I don’t buy Apple; they are bullies!

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