Is Google looking to unlock the future of computing with eyewear? Yes, according to sources who’ve seen the Augmented Reality specs. Read on to find out how the Android-powered frames could be coming sooner than you think.

According to 9to5Google, an insider has spotted a pair of augmented reality glasses looking a lot like a pair of Oakley Thump MP3 sunglasses – i.e. Bulky but with headphones built in.

The frames will let you use Android-like computer features while also seeing where you’re walking, and allow you to control your web browsing via head tilts and bobs. A built in accelerometer and gyroscope will turn your head-banging into actual input.

Vuzix makes AR computer glasses a reality

There’s also a camera and flash built in, which you can control with gestures. According to the source, Google‘s looking to kickstart field testing really soon.

Before CES we brought you news that Vuzix was planning to launch a pair of smart AR glasses with the ability to layer computer info over your view of the real world. Is the next trend in computing really going to be based on eyewear? Maybe, if Google has anything to do with it.

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