Rockstar has released an update for GTA 3 on Android, bringing with it a host of new features and fixes, as well as support for the Asus Transformer Prime. With the Prime’s keyboard controls, the tablet/laptop hybrid may be the best way to complete it.

The update has rolled out to fix or improve controls for wireless gamepads, and to bring in the ability to save the game on your phone’s SD card – a boon for space-strapped users struggling with the 1GB game.

Is Asus the most innovative company in the world?

It also lets you play on the Asus Transformer Prime, which has got us thinking: while Rockstar did a standup job in transferring GTA 3 to mobiles with a decent set of touchscreen buttons, it’s still properly difficult to manage missions where you have to deal with several onscreen foes while not getting dead: shooting while running is damn tough.

Playing GTA 3 on the Transformer Prime not only gifts a much easier-on-the-eye 10-inch display, a trackpad and a full QWERTY keyboard, which should help with *SPOILERS* downing that helicopter in the last mission. */SPOLIERS*

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