Bosch has decided it wants some of the juicy mobile satnav pie. Today, the company has launched a competitively-priced 3D iPhone satnav app with a raft of top-drawer features, including one that acts as your personal rally driving navigator.

The Bosch Navigation app is available now from iTunes for a limited-time-only price of £26.99. It’ll soon jump up to £45, but either way it dramatically undercuts the big-name competition; TomTom’s app is £50, while Navigon’s app is £80.

So what’s on offer? The usual mapping with 3D landmarks and local points of interest, plus a couple of cool twists like ‘Intermediate Destinations’ which let you quickly opt for a stop-off (service station, etc) without having to reroute when you get back in the car.

TomTom struggles in the face of Google Maps Navigation

The ‘Driver Assistance’ feature, meanwhile, acts like your co-driver, spouting out suggested speeds for hairpin turns. We know what you’re thinking: Bosch doing satnav? The company itself anticipates this confusion:

Bosch may not be the first name UK users think of when considering mobile sat nav, however, our expertise in this market is extensive,” says Product Manager, Florian Knollmann. Whether it can pull potential users away from the big names remains to be seen, but the price is certainly right.

It’s iPhone-only at the moment; if Bosch Navigation makes it to Android or Windows Phone, it’ll face free competition from Google Maps Navigation and Nokia Drive respectively.

  • Geronimo

    Well, Mireo Dontpanic satnav is £22.99 all the time so I guess Bosch is not such a great deal after all…

  • Alan

    You are way out of date its now £44 and not worth the extra cost. At £26.99 it is borderline and people might buy at that price fi the name is well known for Mapping. But now that it has been increased to £44 I think most people myself included would opt for Garmin, Tom-Tom, Google or other well tried and tested brands.

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