While little is currently known about the iPhone 5 that Apple’s likely to launch later this year, we can be safe in guessing that the camera will continue its steady rate of improvement. Now, if word from Adam Lashinky’s book Inside Apple is to be believed, the next-gen mobile cam will benefit from a little bit of magic.

It turns out that in the last few months of Steve Jobs’ life, he met with Reg Ng, the founder of after-shot focussing tech company Lytro. If you’ve never seen a Lytro camera, it’s essentially a lens that takes in all the available light spectrum, which allows you to endlessly refocus the shot after it’s been taken.

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Lashinsky’s book reads: “Ng, who is thirty-two, hurried to Palo Alto, showed Jobs a demo of Lytro’s technology, discussed cameras and product design with him, and, at Jobs’s request, agreed to send him an email outlining three things he’d like Lytro to do with Apple.”

Jobs’ official biographer Walter Isaacson has said in the past that the late Apple CEO’s three main goals were to reinvent the TV, the textbook and photography. With textbooks sorted and Apple TV on the way, is Lytro the clue Jobs’ next big plan?

Currently, Lytro cameras are far bigger than you could squeeze into a phone, but if there’s a company with enough tech, money and inclination to be able to squeeze such technology down, it’s probably Apple. Watch Lytro’s video below for a gist of what the iPhone 5 could can achieve…

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    I’m trying to wait for iPhone 5, but iPhone 4S makes me sick of it to buy last week.

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