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Microsoft has released beta pictures of the Windows Store, the Windows 8 app and software vestibule that it hopes can rial the Apple Mac App Store. The design is pure Metro UI, but is that going to cause a problem for non-touch users?

The pictures show the Windows Store to be built around Windows 8’s sideways scrolling mechanic of blocks and tiles. If you don’t fancy swiping through every category you can always zoom out to see the whole range in one go.

This will work great on tablets, which is where Windows 8 will probably feel more comfortable, but the whole thing makes us think that using the OS with a mouse is going to be a bit of a nightmare. Not impossible by any means, but far more laborious that touch and gesture-based input.

Windows 8 revealed

Windows-based laptops have been a bit late to the party when it comes to smart scrolling. Using the side of a trackpad to scroll has never really been up to scratch with what apple has achieved with its trackpads, and that’s only just starting to change.

While most new desktop PCs now offer touchscreen input, if you plan on loading Windows 8 into an older desktop PC you may find mouse-work alone ungainly.

The way Windows 8 works almost demands a product similar to Apple’s Magic Trackpad, which would let users fly across the horizontal landscape of tiles and pinch to zoom in and out. There’s been no word on whether Microsoft is working on such a slate, but we really hope it gets cracking.

Windows 8 looks really promising, but it looks from these pics like desktop input needs to accommodate the more fluid nature of Microsoft’s plans. Do you agree? Let us know below.

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