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The team behind CyanogenMod, the massively popular unofficial Android ROM, are working on an app store of their very own. It’ll play host to all the apps you can’t find on Google’s official Android Market: black market heaven for hackers, in other words.

CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta took to Google+ over the the weekend to outline his plans for a CyanogenMod Android app market, with a cut of the profits helping to fund the project.

The aim is to sell apps that while technically legal, are frowned upon by Google: those include retro console emulators (Which were making their developers millions before most were booted off the Android Market), tethering apps, and apps which require a rooted (read hacked) Android phone. The latter can be sold through the Android Market, but have gained a bad reputation at the hands of angry customers who downloaded them despite warnings that root was required, only to discover they don’t work.

Interestingly, Koushik also says that he approached Amazon about including its own rival Android AppStore in CyanogenMods, but the internet giant politely rebuffed talks for the time being, rather than ruling it out completely. Koushik says he is open to a CyanogenMod app store being used on other unofficial ROMs: doubtless hackers will in turn prise it out and release it as a separate app for those sticking to Google’s official, mown pastures.

There’s no release date for this alternate Android app store, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on proceedings for you so stay tuned.

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