The BlackBerry PlayBook has recently been on the end of some serious price crashes by RIM due to poor sales, which in turn is probably due to poor developer support and a lack of apps. Now there’s at least one great game for the tab: Super Mario Bros from the NES.

The FCEUX emulator, which has been built by a hacker on the CrackBerry forums, has to be side-loaded onto the BlackBerry PlayBook, which means it’s not something you should try unless you know your way around the back end of the QNX operating system.

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However, once downloaded and installed, it should run just about any NES ROM you can find, including Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. The controls area pretty simple setup – the bottom-left of the screen has a touch-sensitive virtual d-pad and the bottom-right your action buttons.

If you bought a BlackBerry PlayBook in the discounting bonanza but are sorely looking for some quality games to play, you can’t go far wrong with a bit of classic Nintendo.

Get it at the CrackBerry forums

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    Super mario is just a classic game that all would love, great app!

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