Sky has announced a pretty big deal to partner up with ‘social TV platform’ Zeebox. The deal will see Sky become the only TV provider to function with the augmented TV experience for smartphones and tablets, and will lead to a raft of tasty new app features.

The app, which lets you discover what your friends are watching, buy things that are on the TV and mash Twitter and Facebook streams into your TV viewing ways, will have all of those features integrated into Sky viewing from this summer.

Zeebox for Sky “means that by this summer Sky customers will be able to interact through social media networks as they watch their favourite shows,” says Sky’s Emma Lloyd, “as well as receiving bespoke bonus digital content tailored to enhance the programme they are watching on the main TV screen.”

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All these features will be pulled into Sky’s current ‘Sky Go’ family of mobile and tablet apps, but there’s more exciting stuff on the cards. While work;s underway to let you access and manage your Sky+ Planner on the move, the thing we’ve all been waiting for is coming:

At some point this year you’ll be gifted the ability to control your Sky+ box with your phone or tablet, which means that losing the remote will never be a major worry again.

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